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Behind The Scenes WP Front Cover
25 Oct 2022

Over 50% of commercial buildings are under threat from corrosion

Over 50% of commercial buildings have potential corrosion issues in their closed-systems according to our new White Paper....
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13 Sep 2022

Hevasure launches the Aquila-2 real-time monitoring product range

Hevasure has launched the Aquila-2 product range, which incudes an interactive display and new model, Aquila-2+....
Clearview 4 SS
04 Aug 2022

Hevasure develops corrosion monitoring system for IWTM

Hevasure and IWTM develop ClearView; the first real-time monitoring technology designed to work in chemical free closed water systems....
Hevasure Data
18 Nov 2021

BSRIA BG50:2021 – recognising the role of real-time monitoring in water treatment

The latest edition of BSRIA BG50 was launched at the beginning of November, including new recommendations regarding remote water system monitoring. ...
Data Centre
10 Nov 2021

Secure HVAC monitoring for Data Centres – FAQs

In data centres, up until recently water condition monitoring seemed at odds with security concerns, as the information was stored on the cloud.  ...
Aquila No Background
20 Sep 2021

We’ve been shortlisted for the HVR Awards!

We’ve been shortlisted for the HVR Awards in the ‘Ancillary Product of the Year’ category, for our new product, Hevasure Aquila-s....
Safecontractor Logo
18 Aug 2021

Hevasure achieves SafeContractor accreditation

Hevasure is proud to have achieved SafeContractor accreditation, proving its commitment to best practice to would-be and existing customers....
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05 Jul 2021

White paper - how data informs active service interventions

MD for Hevasure, Steve Munn, has written a white paper exploring how complex data-sets can be interpreted to inform ‘active service interventions'....
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14 Jun 2021

Hevasure launches three water and corrosion monitoring products

Hevasure has strengthened its offering with three separate water and corrosion monitoring products - Aquila, Aquila-s and Condor....
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18 May 2021

Closed loop HVAC systems explained – FAQs

Keeping closed-loop water systems corrosion free; a guide to the difference between closed and open circuit HVAC systems....
22 Apr 2021

HVAC check-ups explained – FAQs

HVAC check-ups - keeping valuable assets protected, sustainability and energy-efficiency levels maintained, avoiding breakdown and repairs....
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06 Apr 2021

Remote HVAC monitoring explained - FAQs

Everything you need to know about remote HVAC monitoring....
24 Feb 2021

Specifiers – use HVAC monitoring to ensure system sustainability

HVAC monitoring can help specifiers ensure their schemes are sustainable and meet their design life. ...
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01 Feb 2021

Building resilience through remote monitoring

The Covid 19 pandemic has forced people to embrace remote ways of working. Beyond the pandemic, this trend ensures our buildings operate efficiently....
BG50 Close Up
15 Dec 2020

BSRIA Guide - BG50/2013: Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems

BG50/2013 - an explanation the BSRIA guide to water treatment in closed systems, and the role of real-time corrosion monitoring....
BG29 2020 Cover
07 Dec 2020

BSRIA Guide – BG29 2020

BSRIA's latest guide to precommission cleaning – BG29 2020 now includes information on remote water monitoring as a means of preventing corrosion....
H&V News Award
25 Nov 2020

Small company Hevasure wins big at the H&V News Awards

Hevasure has won Small Company Achievement of the Year: Manufacturing & Products at the 2020 H&V News Awards....
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09 Nov 2020

How Hevasure uses data to inform active service interventions - white paper

Hevasure's a new white paper explores the use of data to inform active service interventions,...
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14 Oct 2020

Putting a price on prevention

Working out the ROI of real-time monitoring vs sampling and corrosion coupons. How much money can be saved by avoiding breakdown?...
11 Oct 2020

Testing your metal

Which material is best for the HVAC system pipework? How can corrosion be kept at bay in mild, stainless and carbon steel closed systems?...
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29 Sep 2020

Improving HVAC sustainability through monitoring

Real-time monitoring is a key step in improving the sustainability of closed circuit HVAC systems, improving efficiency and reducing water wastage....
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29 Sep 2020

A remote future

Remote monitoring is an efficient way of checking the condition of closed circuit systems, and helps reduce site visits in a covid cautious world....
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29 Sep 2020

London's iconic buildings rely on Hevasure

Many of London's commercial buildings are monitored by Hevasure. Operational certainty and efficiency is essential for water systems in the capital....
Carbon Steel
29 Sep 2020

Thin-walled carbon steel, friend or foe?

Steve Munn, MD for Hevasure, explains how carbon steel can be confidently specified by keeping oxygen out using remote, real-time monitoring....
Steve Munn Md
29 Sep 2020

The evolution of water monitoring

Water Sampling
29 Sep 2020

Why does water sampling have so many limitations?

Steve Munn, MD for Hevasure, discusses the limitations of sampling as the sole means for checking the condition of closed circuit systems....
21 Sep 2020

Wall mounted monitoring system

Wall-mounted compact version of Hevasure's industry-leading monitoring system, for easy installation in a variety of locations....
Dashboard With Cumulative Values
21 Sep 2020

New developments in water monitoring

We have developed our ground-breaking water monitoring technology to show real-time corrosion rates of carbon steel and total cumulative loss....
Partners (1)
21 Sep 2020

Hevasure welcomes new partners

Hevasure expands its partner network with BMS Consulting and Ashford Environmental Services who join Guardian Water Treatment....
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10 Sep 2020

Successful trial underway with an Innovation Gateway partner

RBS is trialling Hevasure's revolutionary monitoring technology as part of the Innovation Gateway....
HVR Award Win
07 Sep 2020

We are HVR Award winners!

Hevasure won Ancillary Product of the Year in 2019's HVR Awards...
Carbon Steel 2
16 Jul 2020

Hevasure is a certified partner of WCS!

Hevasure is a certified partner of the WCS Group, which delivers water treatment and control across a range of sectors....