A remote future

topic|29 Sep 2020
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A remote future

Remote monitoring of essential building plant, such as HVAC systems, and in the case of Hevasure, specifically closed circuit water systems, is an efficient way of continually checking condition.

Data driven, real-time information, allows for problems to be nipped in the bud before they get out of hand, reducing the risk of expensive repairs and breakdown, while making monitored plant more efficient and likely to last longer.

When we conceived the Hevasure system we did not predict the post-lockdown, socially distant world we now live in. Remote monitoring has a new impetus and purpose - by viewing systems from afar, it is aiding a reduction in site visits.

Improved maintenance = less maintenance

One of the major knock-on benefits of remote monitoring is improved maintenance practices. Activity no longer has to be ‘routine’, it can be based on actual need. By gathering real-time data about a system, FMs and maintenance teams will have a far better picture of its condition and factors effecting it.

The Hevasure system issues alerts when changes in base levels occur (Hevasure monitors parameters such as dissolved oxygen, corrosion rates, inhibitor levels, pH, pressure, flow rates and temperature), allowing small changes to be investigated and fixed.

Without monitoring, problems are often identified when things have gone too far, which could lead to the need for external support – yet more cost, people and time on site.

A matter of safety

The ramifications of not monitoring water systems and other essential building plant are now amplified. Safe working means less people on site and working from home where possible; aims that remote monitoring is perfectly placed to help achieve.

In the case of Hevasure, our customers can log-in to their own system’s dashboard to view real-time values or trends over a given period. Alerts are also sent out, via email or SMS text, if critical levels are exceeded, before damage occurs.

And, during lockdown where many buildings lay completely dormant, those that were monitored could confidently reopen without any hidden problems. After all, water systems in particular are designed to be used. Without monitoring there is an element of guess work.

A more efficient future

Not everything about the COVID 19 pandemic is bad, one of the hopeful positives is that it has shone a light on efficient working practices.

Many more people are successfully working from home, creating a better work life balance for employees and allowing some business owners to reduce the overheads of renting large office spaces. Systems that facilitate this trend and ensure essential building services remain operational and waste less energy, will hopefully become more widespread.

When it comes to closed circuit water systems, we can confidently say that a system that is monitored by Hevasure’s remote monitoring technology, is far less likely to corrode, need expensive repairs or breakdown, saving money throughout its life, all while reducing unnecessary site visits.