Reducing repairs, site visits and downtime

Facilities Maintenance

Corrosion can be a major issue in closed circuit water systems, creating a headache for facilities managers that leads to increased maintenance, expensive repairs and system breakdown – a problem that can cost millions in large commercial buildings.

In mission critical sites, such as data centres, hospitals and research centres, downtime is not an option, so preventing the havoc caused by corrosion is essential.

Hevasure’s 24/7 monitoring technology keeps corrosion at bay by checking water condition for changes that could lead to system fouling and degradation, helping FMs meet the requirements of BG 50/2013 - Water Treatment for Closed Heating & Cooling Systems.  

Automatic alarms flag up potentially serious changes in condition – such as a spike in oxygen, drift in pH or reduction in inhibitor level allowing the root cause of corrosion to be quickly identified and rectified. Site visits and water sample costs can be greatly reduced.

A far more accurate and instantaneous solution than sampling, continuous and remote monitoring of corrosion and water conditions can lead to reduced maintenance costs, fewer call outs and site visits and less intervention from external contractors.

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Facilities Maintenance – reducing repairs, site visits and downtime

  • Meet your contractual obligations to the building owner
  • Prevent repairs & system failure due to corrosion damage
  • Cut site visits, chemicals & sampling
  • Track all events, planned or unplanned, during operation
  • Reduce paperwork
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