Intelligent Corrosion Control

Protect your closed water systems with Hevasure's 24/7 remote monitoring technology

Modern construction and building management must focus on sustainability and reliability. As voracious users of energy and water, improving the way HVAC systems operate is a key step in this process.

By having a true picture of closed system condition, Hevasure helps HVAC meet its potential, while minimising risk.


Award winning remote monitoring technology

Hevasure’s purpose is to eliminate the devastating and expensive consequences of corrosion in heated and chilled closed water systems.

Specifically conceived and designed to protect commercial systems from the onset of corrosion, our award-winning remote monitoring technology provides instant notification when water conditions change, allowing responsible parties to act before corrosion takes hold.



Wellcome Trust - monitoring prevents expensive repairs

At the Wellcome Trust in London, the global charitable foundation dedicated to the application of research in medicine, Hevasure’s real-time 24/7 monitoring identified changes in condition, preventing costly works by flagging up small-scale repairs in the system before they became disruptive. If left unchecked these issues could have ultimately led to major breakdown.

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