Wall mounted monitoring system

topic|21 Sep 2020

Wall mounted monitoring system

We have launched a new compact, wall-mounted version of our industry-leading water monitoring system, providing easy installation in a wider variety of locations. All hardware, including sensors and data acquisition system, is enclosed in a high quality, dust proof steel casing – ideal for dirty environments, such as construction sites. The new unit also includes optional UPS battery back-up, which can provide power for up to 48 hours if there is a loss of mains electricity.

Hevasure’s monitoring technology enables continuous measurements to be made on important aspects of a closed circuit heating or chilled water system in order to quickly identify adverse conditions and prevent corrosion damage.

Data can be transmitted to any internet enabled device, allowing real-time information regarding water system condition to be accessible in any location. Alerts are issued if checked parameters - such as dissolved oxygen, pressure, conductivity and pH - exceed critical levels, ensuring that both engineering integrity and water quality are maintained; significantly reducing the risk of corrosion and preserving HVAC system efficiency.

The complete monitoring system comprises high quality digital sensors, data acquisition and touch screen display, backed-up by the latest monitoring software, all contained within a metal, glass-fronted enclosure. Where mobile phone signals are not available the data acquisition system comes with ethernet or Wi-Fi connections.

Steve Munn, MD for Hevasure said: “Creating a wall-mounted version of our monitoring technology comes following requests from clients. The freestanding version is still available, but for many applications the option to fix the Hevasure unit direct to a wall is a far more practical solution. Another key feature of this updated product is the UPS battery back-up. Power failure could result in critical changes in water condition being missed, leading to major repairs or even breakdown.”

Features and benefits:

  • Compact and wall mountable (600mm x 500mm x 250mm) High quality, dust proof steel enclosure (better suited to dirty environments such as construction sites)
  • Tamper proof (lockable from cover)
  • Optional UPS battery back-up which can power the units for up to 48 hours if there is loss of mains power
  • Usual communication protocols still apply (2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks, Wi-Fi and ethernet.