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We will assess the condition and operating parameters of existing systems and provide you with a detailed health check report with recommendations.

Reasons for choosing the Hevasure Health Check service

The Hevasure Health Check service is aimed at existing buildings and provides a short term assessment (monitoring period up to 3 months) of the prevailing conditions.

  • 24 × 7 monitoring of key parameters of a heating or chilled water system with alerts being sent out if critical levels exceeded
  • Detailed ‘Health-Check’ report at end of period providing all data (in graphical format) with an assessment of the state of the system
  • (optional) Use of corrosion coupons to assess corrosion rates on different metals in the system
  • (optional) Water analysis (chemical and / or microbial)
  • (optional) Physical assessment of the condition of pipework and components
  • (optional) Site visit (UK only) to assess aspects of design and quality of build