Achieve the intended performance and design life of your HVAC schemes


The reputation of your designs do not end at installation. To create sustainable and long lasting buildings, specifiers need to choose high performance solutions that deliver.

When it comes to closed circuit water systems, corrosion is a scourge that can dramatically reduce the life of a system, while compromising its reliability and efficiency. Hevasure’s corrosion monitoring technology is your insurance policy, a relatively low cost way to get the most out of your HVAC schemes.

The parameters that cause corrosion can be continuously monitored from the outset, ensuring HVAC systems are commissioned in the best possible condition, and run at their optimum throughout operational life, with reduced risk of breakdown.

And, by preventing degradation and improving efficiency, greater sustainability is achieved.


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Specification – achieve the intended performance and design life of your HVAC schemes

  • Ensure HVAC systems perform to requirements throughout their lifetime
  • Meet your obligations to the building owner
  • Enhance your reputation for good design and sustainability

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