Hevasure welcomes new partners

topic|21 Sep 2020
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Hevasure welcomes new partners

Hevasure is delighted to announce the expansion of its partner network to meet the growing demand for the world’s first and most comprehensive real-time water monitoring solution for HVAC systems. It remains the only product of its type that immediately detects and records deviations in the water characteristics that can cause catastrophic corrosion damage.

New partners, Ashford Environmental and BMS Consulting, join Guardian Water Treatment in bringing Hevasure’s revolutionary technology to market – a solution which is changing the face of water system management.

Specially selected partners provide first-line support to clients across the specification, construction, building services and facilities management sectors, delivering the benefits real-time monitoring at all stages of a HVAC systems life.

Steve Munn, MD of Hevasure commented: “Having excellent partners such as Guardian Water Treatment, and now BMS Consulting and Ashford Environmental Services, ensures that we can focus on what we are best at; innovation and product delivery.”

Hevasure’s new partners:

BMS Consulting, based in Manchester, is a leading expert in building services design and has an excellent track record of bringing innovative solutions to many large-scale projects throughout the UK.

Working with its sister business, BMS Environmental, the group is really excited about becoming a partner with Hevasure. BMS is passionate about sharing best practice with its clients and envisages the use of Hevasure technology in many projects to prevent corrosion damage to critical heating and chilled water systems.

BMS’s senior partner, Andy Schilling commented: “We recognised the value of Hevasure through engagement with one of our key clients and we were keen to promote the product straight away. Having the ability to provide our clients with real-time system data gives both them and us piece-of-mind that their systems are operating efficiently, without the fear of corrosion.”

Ashford Environmental Services, based in the SE of England, is one of the UK’s leading building services commissioning and water treatment specialists, providing an integrated service to commerce and industry. Pre-commission cleaning is an important aspect of Ashford’s work and the Hevasure approach is a perfect fit in assisting the delivery of more effective and efficient projects.

Managing Director, Roger Carlin commented: “The Hevasure monitoring system is not only a great piece of kit, it is state of the art technology, designed and built here in the UK. At Ashford we’re always looking for an edge and partnering with Hevasure will give our clients a whole new element of quality and certainty”.

Hevasure’s original partnership with Guardian Water Treatment is well established and continues to thrive. Guardian has been instrumental in the Hevasure story; many high profile commercial buildings in London are now reaping the rewards and benefitting from the real-time information and lower corrosion risk provided by Hevasure’s 24/7 remote monitoring system. The companies have worked together since 2017.

“Partners are key to Hevasure’s success,” concluded Steve, “a carefully selected team chosen for their ability to deliver the technical knowledge and expertise required to fully communicate and implement the value associated with Hevasure’s online, real-time water monitoring technology.”

About Hevasure

Launched in 2014, Hevasure has developed the world’s first and most comprehensive online, real-time water monitoring for HVAC systems.

Specifically conceived and designed to protect commercial systems from the onset of corrosion, Hevasure’s award-winning technology provides instant notification when water conditions change, allowing responsible parties to act before corrosion takes hold.