Hevasure technology

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Intelligent corrosion control

Hevasure's patented water and corrosion monitoring technology is the most comprehensive available on the market.

Our fully integrated system incorporates a wide range of high-quality sensors connected to a sophisticated data acquisition system. Live data is relayed up to the cloud where it can be viewed on laptops and mobile devices. 

We remotely monitor system and water characteristics in order to detect adverse conditions that could lead to corrosion damage, alerting users via email and text if intervention is required.

Parameters we monitor include:

  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Make-up water flow
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity / chemical dosing level
  • pH
  • Galvanic currents (related to corrosion rate of steel)
  • Crevice corrosion

Any event, whether planned or unplanned (such as leaks or loss of pressure), can be flagged on the inbuilt charts, allowing maintenance teams to keep electronic records all in one place.

Cloud and BMS connectivity

Our standard water monitoring model connects to the cloud using GSM or wi-fi technology.

For high security sites where external transmission to the cloud is prohibited, we provide a BacNet enabled model allowing direct connection to a BMS system with pre-set alarms and intelligent messaging included.

Closed system confidence

By installing Hevasure’s award winning technology you can be confident that your closed water systems are constantly being monitored for adverse conditions and corrosion; intelligent corrosion control that will ensure these systems breakdown less, work more efficiently and last longer.

Why Monitor?