Hevasure technology

Intelligent corrosion control

Hevasure's patented water and corrosion monitoring technology for closed-circuit HVAC system is the most comprehensive available on the market.

Our fully integrated system incorporates a wide range of high-quality sensors connected to a sophisticated data acquisition system.

We remotely monitor water characteristics and corrosion rates in order to detect adverse conditions that could lead to corrosion damage, alerting users if intervention is required. All information is stored on the Hevasure dashboard, allowing customers to easily access information about their system.

Closed system confidence

By installing Hevasure’s award winning technology you can be confident that your closed water systems are constantly being monitored for adverse conditions and corrosion; intelligent corrosion control that will ensure these systems breakdown less, work more efficiently and last longer.

Aquila 2 Dashboard


The Hevasure Aquila-2 range provides full water monitoring, detecting the parameters that can signify corrosive conditions at all stages of a water systems life – from precommission cleaning onwards.

Parameters checked for include dissolved oxygen, make-up water flow, pressure and pH. The standard Hevasure Aquila-2c unit includes cloud connectivity, with alerts sent direct via SMS or text message.

Hevasure Aquila-2s is a BacNet enabled model, allowing direct connection to a BMS system with pre-set alarms, designed for high security locations where external transmission to the cloud is prohibited.

Aquila-2+ allows remote access to data and connection to the BMS.