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Building Owners

HVAC systems are a key part of any building – expensive to run, and expensive if they breakdown. Monitoring water in the pipework and other components that keeps HVAC systems operational will help protect these essential assets from corrosion, while giving you peace of mind that your building remains operational at all times.

Closed water system failure can lead to unhappy tenants while costing millions in repairs and lost revenue. In mission critical buildings, such as data centres, hospitals and research centres, the knock-on effect is far reaching.

By continuously monitoring the parameters that signify corrosive conditions, this potentially devastating outcome can be stopped in its tracks, ensuring a HVAC system works at its optimum.

Overall, a closed water system monitored by Hevasure will last longer, cost less to run and benefit from enhanced sustainability thanks to improved efficiencies, giving building owners confidence that this important part of the building services jigsaw puzzle is working as it should.

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Building owners – protect your HVAC assets

  • Ensure the longevity of HVAC systems
  • Meet sustainability targets by keeping systems operating at peak efficiency
  • Avoid catastrophic failures leading to disruption and unhappy tenants
  • Check that FMs are meeting their contractual obligations
Building Owners

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Aquila No Background

We’ve been shortlisted for the HVR Awards!

We’ve been shortlisted for the HVR Awards in the ‘Ancillary Product of the Year’ category, for our new product, Hevasure Aquila-s.
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Hevasure achieves SafeContractor accreditation

Hevasure is proud to have achieved SafeContractor accreditation, proving its commitment to best practice to would-be and existing customers.
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White paper - how data informs active service interventions

MD for Hevasure, Steve Munn, has written a white paper exploring how complex data-sets can be interpreted to inform ‘active service interventions'.
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