Confidence and accountability from the outset

Construction & Precommission Cleaning

When HVAC systems are constructed it is essential that there is a focus on preventing undue degradation of pipework. Mistakes at this stage, could lead to the exacerbation of future corrosion issues, with precommission cleaning (PCC) a key point where things can go wrong.

Water sampling and analysis, the traditional way HVAC systems are checked, only represents a snapshot in time - results often take days if not weeks to return, leaving M&E contractors open to inaccuracies and potential issues at handover.

Using Hevasure’s 24/7 remote monitoring solution through the construction and precommission cleaning phases, helps to meet the requirements of BG29 2020 - Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems. It provides an accurate real-time picture, that leads to the avoidance of serious damage and keeps responsible parties in control. All events whether planned or unplanned, can be tracked using the Hevasure dashboard, allowing you to react to issues before corrosion takes hold.

This leads to greater accountability, a significantly reduced sampling requirement and, crucially, less risk of handing over a system with inherent issues, dramatically reducing the chance of future corrosion problems.

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Construction & precommission cleaning – confidence and accountability from the outset

  • Hand over systems in a pristine condition, with no corrosion
  • Track all events, planned or unplanned during PCC, commissioning and fit-out
  • Avoid delays and disputes at Practical Completion (PC)

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