Our aim is to consign corrosion to the history books

The Hevasure Story

Hevasure’s purpose is to eliminate the devastating and expensive consequences of corrosion in heated and chilled closed water systems.

Launched in 2014, we have developed the world’s first and most comprehensive online, real-time water monitoring for HVAC systems. 

Specifically conceived and designed to protect commercial systems from the onset of corrosion, our award-winning technology provides instant notification when water conditions change, allowing responsible parties to act before corrosion takes hold.

A reaction to a problem

Back in the early days of the 21st century, Midland Corrosion Services, a highly regarded UK-based corrosion consultancy, became involved in investigating an ever-increasing number of disastrous failures to commercial heating and cooling systems.

Several of these failures ended up in out-of-court settlements running into many millions of pounds. Everyone was a loser. 

It was clear that something was seriously wrong with the approach being taken to commission and maintain these expensive assets. Corrosion of pipework and components, if not totally ‘out of control’, was far too prevalent. 

Headed up by Hevasure’s MD Steve Munn and his brother Phil, Midland Corrosion Services knew there had to be a better way of doing things:

Out with the old

Physical water sampling, analysis and dosing has been the modus operandi of the water treatment industry for many years. 

Although providing useful information, there is a major problem in that, being only a snapshot in time over intervals of several weeks, it misses sudden, damaging events, such as water leaks or air ingress.

Even more concerning is that it does not measure the main driver of corrosion, namely: dissolved oxygen.

In with the new

Dissatisfied with the ‘way things were done’, Steve Munn became convinced that modern remote monitoring technology could be employed to provide real-time measurements of all key parameters that cause corrosion.

Not only could automatic alerts be raised as soon as a problem was detected, the root cause could be identified, helping the onsite engineers to quickly rectify the fault.

Cue the creation of Hevasure, and the groundbreaking technology that is now changing the face of a mature, and historically, outmoded industry.

This is the start of the Hevasure story, we want to consign corrosion to the history books, making catastrophic failures in water-based heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems a thing of the past.

Hevasure Technology