Commercial Premises

Office blocks Poor design, installation or maintenance practice can lead to sudden and catastrophic failures of HVAC systems. The cost of damage to the heating and chilled water systems and lack of data on maintenance / operational parameters can lead to expensive settlements (>£10m) for the parties involved. Our systems and our vast experience removes these risks and keeps your building operational.

Large retail outlets Imagine losing heating during a busy Saturday. Then imagine the loss of sales revenue as your main retail shop closes for business. Installing a Hevasure monitoring system will ensure that trading continues even in the coldest of weather.

Factories and processing plants The Hevasure monitoring system determines the conditions within HVAC systems, but many processing plants that rely on water-based heating and cooling systems can also benefit significantly. Where systems failure will shut down production, like that experienced by a chocolate manufacturer recently because of leaking stainless steel water jackets, Hevasure can remove the risk. Contact us now to see how easily the critical aspects of your processing systems can be monitored and risk removed.