IWTM’s business centres on the removal of the gases, minerals and pollutants commonly found in mains water which are fundamental to the corrosion process. Once removed, IWTM ensures that these contaminants are not reintroduced, engineering environments where corrosion cannot happen and bacteria cannot survive. 

An effective approach without the use of chemicals, IWTM’s methodology is proven over 50 years and recognised within the respected German standard VDI 2035, relying on the control of three key parameters, dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity.

With this in mind IWTM, in conjunction with market-leading provider Hevasure, has developed the ClearView system; the first real-time water monitoring system built specifically to work with chemical-free systems.

One of the major benefits of chemical-free water treatment is its inherent transparency.  Targets, like those set within VDI 2035, are explicit and easily understood by all stakeholders.