Working with trusted partners to deliver Hevasure technology

Hevasure works with industry-leading partners to deliver its ground-breaking water monitoring technology to end users across a range of commercial sectors.

Our partners are a carefully selected team chosen for their ability to deliver the technical knowledge and expertise required to fully communicate and implement the value associated with real-time water monitoring technology, allowing the Hevasure team to focus on what we do best: innovation, research and product development.

Meet Our Partners

Guardian Water Treatment

Guardian Water Treatment is a leading provider of air and water hygiene services across a range of sectors. Based in Basildon, Guardian has worked with Hevasure since 2017 and has played a big part in our story; many high profile commercial buildings in London are now reaping the rewards of real-time information and lower corrosion risk thanks to Hevasure’s 24/7 remote monitoring system.

Guardian is involved at every stage of a closed water systems life - from specification through to on going management.


Rock Compliance

Rock Compliance is committed to minimising risk, delivering compliance, and making it simple.  One of the ways it achieves this is by looking after clients’ assets from the build stage and beyond. In this way, the company prevents faults from occurring and enable these systems to fulfil, or even exceed, lifecycle expectations. Efficient operation also reduces energy usage, which saves money and is more environmentally responsible.

Hevasure’s remote monitoring system sits perfectly within Rock Compliance's portfolio of water treatment products and services. Its proactive approach, combined with the lower corrosion and real-time monitoring offered by Hevasure, means that customers will always get the most from their outlay. 


WCS Group

WCS Group is a leading water treatment, waste-to-energy, water re-use, wastewater and water hygiene specialist, helping customers more effectively manage water systems (heating, cooling), while maintaining critical plant and equipment.

WCS ensures clean, safe water, fresh air and exacting hygiene, extending the service life of HVAC and waster water equipment and enhancing operational efficiency. 

Hevasure's real-time water monitoring technology forms an integral part of the group's precommission cleaning, handover and ongoing water system management services.



OEM partners


IWTM’s business centres on the removal of the gases, minerals and pollutants commonly found in mains water which are fundamental to the corrosion process. Once removed, IWTM ensures that these contaminants are not reintroduced, engineering environments where corrosion cannot happen and bacteria cannot survive. 

An effective approach without the use of chemicals, IWTM’s methodology is proven over 50 years and recognised within the respected German standard VDI 2035, relying on the control of three key parameters, dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity.

With this in mind IWTM, in conjunction with market-leading provider Hevasure, has developed the ClearView system; the first real-time water monitoring system built specifically to work with chemical-free systems.

One of the major benefits of chemical-free water treatment is its inherent transparency.  Targets, like those set within VDI 2035, are explicit and easily understood by all stakeholders.