Here are some common questions we get asked about our intellegent water monitoring technology.

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At what stage in a closed-circuit water system’s life can Hevasure be used?

  • Hevasure’s technology can be used at all stages:
    • Construction and pre-commissioning cleaning
    • Fit out and handover
    • Ongoing water system management 
  • Hevasure can be specified and installed from the outset or retrofitted to existing closed circuit systems. 

Will Hevasure save on sampling costs?

  • Many of our clients choose to significantly reduce the amount of water sampling & analysis during both the pre-commission cleaning and the on-going FM/ maintenance phase.   
  • If important water & system characteristics are found to be stable and well within limits, there is no need to incur the costs, delays and trouble of taking water samples. 

Will Hevasure save on chemical costs?

  • Hevasure technology checks on inhibitor dosing level (by measuring conductivity and applying clever algorithms) so that costly over-dosing can be avoided.   
  • Measuring dissolved oxygen and corrosion rates also shows when systems are healthy and inhibitor top-up is not required. 

What cost reductions can I expect by using Hevasure?

A number of factors can result in significant overall cost reductions:  

  • Reduced site visits and sampling costs 
  • Reduced maintenance / replacement costs 
  • Improved efficiency leading to reduced energy bills (systems less likely to degrade) 
  • Practical completion can be achieved on time, saving costly delays 
  • Responsibility for costly mistakes can be passed onto 3rd parties (data helps prove who is responsible for changes in water composition) 

My systems are healthy - why do I need Hevasure?

  • Sudden and catastrophic events such as pressure drops, leaks and oxygen ingress can occur at any time day or night.   
  • Just because a water system is not problematic at the moment is no guarantee problems won't occur in future.   
  • Installing Hevasure technology gives peace-of-mind and ensures that nothing is missed. 
  • Catastrophic failure and downtime can cost millions in large commercial buildings, not to mention the disruption to building occupants. 

I need to follow BSRIA BG29 - how does Hevasure help?

  • The recent rewrite of BG29 (now 2020explicitly emphasises the benefits of using monitoring equipment throughout the pre-commission cleaning phases...

    "If installed prior to the initial system fill, corrosion monitoring equipment can be used by the installing contractor and cleaning specialist to monitor the various filling and cleaning stages.  The recorded results can be used to demonstrate that the cleaning process was carried out correctly and that the water quality was properly maintained in the period leading to practical completion."
  • Parameters listed in section 2.3.8 of the guide are all covered by the Hevasure water monitoring system. 

I need to follow BSRIA BG50 - how does Hevasure help?

  • The current issue of BG50 (published in 2013) mentions continuous monitoring - even though it was in its infancy at this time.

    Section 6.6.4 "...to understand how the whole system is performing and pre-empt damage due to loss of control, continuous monitoring can be useful".   
  • The planned rewrite in 2021 is expected to be more explicit in its recommendation of remote/continuous monitoring technology. 

Why does Hevasure monitor dissolved oxygen?

  • Dissolved oxygen (DO) is the most likely cause of corrosion in closed heating and chilled water systems.   
  • Closed systems are supposed to be air-tight and DO levels should ideally be below 0.1mg/L.  Even Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC) either starts with the growth of aerobic bacteria and the formation of biofilms or needs the pre-corroded surfaces caused by oxygen induced corrosion to provide the right environment for bacteria to become sessile and shielded from biocides.    
  • Hevasure technology ensures that dissolved oxygen levels are tracked 24x7 whilst giving clients the information to understand the root cause of any increase. 

Why does Hevasure monitor conductivity?

  • Measuring conductivity and compensating for temperature enable us to determine dosing levels of chemicals and inhibitors.  
  • Hevasure has built-up a database of the most commonly used chemicals. Propriety algorithms are used to determine dosing levels on water systems while in service.

Why does Hevasure monitor galvanic currents?

  • With our patented galvanic current sensor, we have the means to determine the corrosion rate of steel on open surfaces.   
  • The sensor is calibrated against coupon weight loss under a wide range of conditions allowing mA outputs to be directly related to corrosion rates.

Can I be confident that Hevasure technology is tried and tested?

  • Since the inception of our company and launch of our 1st generation monitoring system back in 2014, Hevasure technology has been installed in over 70 large commercial systems throughout the UK.  
  • Many of our clients are household names including well-known property developers, owners, construction and FM companies.
  • Take a look at the London skyline; many of the buildings you see are being monitored by Hevasure. 

Who owns the Hevasure data?

  • The company that pays for the service owns the data.   
  • Hevasure will ensure that all data is securely stored for the client from the time that the monitoring contract was taken out.   
  • The client can either download the data themselves or request a copy. 

Where do I go to purchase a Hevasure monitoring system?

  • Hevasure Ltd works through a small but specially selected group of certified partners, including:
    • Guardian Water Treatment
    • Ashford Environmental Services
    • BMS Consulting.
  • Visit our partner page for contact details and more information.
  • For technical information and to speak with a member of our team, call 01629 735743, or email info@hevasure.com

What can Hevasure do that traditional water sampling approaches can’t?

  • Our technology never sleeps, measurements are taken every few minutes, 24x7 - something that’s impossible for maintenance teams. 
  • We measure important parameters that are omitted in water sampling, including all-important dissolved oxygen levels.   
  • Alerts are virtually instant, allowing speedy intervention before damage occurs – the results of a sample take days to return.
  • By measuring multiple parameters simultaneously, we are able to determine the cause of the problem and recommend remedial action. 

What are the benefits of using Hevasure monitoring technology?

  • Knowing that your HVAC systems are in danger of imminent corrosion damage or, conversely, are operating in a stable, healthy condition is a huge benefit to site managers and FM companies.  
  • Hevasure technology allows you to quickly direct maintenance teams to stop the problem or gives you reassurance that all is well.   
  • This approach also delivers a multitude of cost savings (see What cost reductions can I expect by using Hevasure?).
  • Real-time remote access to data, via an interactive dashboard, keeps you in control at all times.