The Hevasure dashboard, a window into your data

The Hevasure Dashboard

The Hevasure dashboard is a window into your data. Accessible from laptops or mobile devices, it is fully interactive with easy navigation.

The home screen provides a simple, 'easy-on-the-eye', view of all the latest system parameters, colour-coded red, amber, or green depending on operating conditions and tolerances. Any parameter outside acceptable limits will be red and an email alarm will be raised.

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Hevasure Dashboard

Alternative dial views are available showing how close the real-time value is to pre-set limits. Also available are dials showing cumulative values which provides a valued insight into the extent of any damage.

Hevasure Dashboard Gauges

A graphical view of the data is only one click away...

Hevasure Dashboard Graphs

All events can be captured by setting flags on the charts, helping keep all data in one place.

Finally, all data is available as a csv download with all measurements date & time stamped.

Hevasure Dashboard CSV

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Go to the dashboard demo using the link below and login with:
Username: Demo, Password: Demo, Company ID: 58

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