Case study. Wellcome Trust - monitoring prevents expensive repairs

At the Wellcome Trust in London, the global charitable foundation dedicated to the application of research in medicine, Hevasure’s real-time 24/7 monitoring identified changes in condition, preventing costly works by flagging up small-scale repairs in the system before they became disruptive. If left unchecked these issues could have ultimately led to major breakdown.

Unusual pressure and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) spikes pointed to the need to service the pressurisation unit and expansion vessel, neither of which would have been successfully detected by sampling. Additionally, sampling takes days if not weeks to return, by which point it may be too late.

Other issues identified included that fact that conductivity in the system was lower than it should be, suggesting that inhibitor levels needed topping up.

Hevasure was also used to confirm that the maintenance works by its certified partner, Guardian Water Treatment, were successful. Using instant monitoring Guardian could confidently reassure the client of the effectiveness of its activities, with the data clearly showing that base levels had returned to normal quickly. If sampling alone had been relied on, this process would have taken far longer, leaving the client in the dark as to whether works had gone to plan.

By having a proper understanding of the actual condition of a water system at any given point in time, potential issues can be caught before they become real problems, allowing water systems to be managed in a proactive, preventative and ultimately more cost-effective way.

Hevasure benefits:

  • Unusual DO and pressure spikes identified low cost repairs
  • Small issues were caught before they became big problems
  • Changes in condition were identified that wouldn’t have been picked up by sampling
  • Hevasure confirmed maintenance had been effective

Hevasure Case Study - Wellcome Trust

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