Case study. Building no. 6 - real-time monitoring vs sampling & corrosion coupons

Building no. 6 is a large, prestigious office in central London which had a heavily contaminated Chilled Water (CHW) system, with high levels of dissolved iron (108mg/l) and suspended solids (138mg/l), which, if left unchecked would leave to inefficiencies in the system, shortened lifespan and potential breakdown.

The Hevasure 24/7 monitoring system was utilised alongside Guardian Water Treatment’s water treatment solutions, to firstly bring the site back to a stable condition, and then provide a period of monitoring. Over two-weeks in July/August 2017 the system was continually checked to ensure corrosion was kept at bay, as well as identifying and rectifying additional issues.

Working alongside traditional corrosion coupons and sampling, the Hevasure unit proved itself to be a far more responsive and thorough solution, allowing problems to be immediately flagged up and therefore dealt with, while giving peace of mind that Guardian’s water treatment programme had been successful.

At the end of the period the Hevasure unit had collected over 35,000 data points and helped to identify an installation issue with missing AAVs – as well as confirming the system metals were indeed stable after the flushing and passivation works were carried out.

Providing, real-time, 24/7 data, covering a range of parameters, the Hevasure monitoring system negates the need for corrosion coupons and also reduces the amount of chemical sampling required. By providing virtually instant feedback, any issues can be addressed before corrosion ensues, saving maintenance teams and building manager’s time and money long term.

Key benefits:

  • Instant results vs waiting for samples to come back from laboratory
  • Real-time proof that Guardian’s works had been effective – conditions returned to base-levels quickly following works
  • Slightly high DO levels and low pressure helped identify missing Air Auto Valves (AAVs), which were subsequently replaced – something sampling could not have detected

Hevasure Case Study - Building no.6

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