Hevasure welcomes new senior engineer

Hevasure welcomes new senior engineer

To support its growing research and development operations, corrosion monitoring specialist, Hevasure, has appointed Dr Mark Walter as a new senior engineer. With a wealth of knowledge and experience thanks to a 25-year career focused on the collection and analysis of experimental data to understand the behaviour of structures and materials, Mark is a great addition to the Hevasure team.

Prior to Hevasure, Mark worked for Rolls Royce where he was responsible for developing data acquisition systems and the analysis of complex data required to manage the global fleet of Rolls Royce engines, including the development of the Rolls Royce engine health monitoring system.

Since 2016, Mark has also run his own microbrewery producing traditional ales, giving him a clear understanding of the importance of water quality!

Steve Munn, Managing Director of Hevasure, said: “It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome Mark to the Hevasure team. He is a truly first-class engineer with a passion for engineering that goes beyond his day job. His extensive experience in the research and development of monitoring systems will ensure that the Hevasure system continues to develop and grow, making significant improvements to water system efficiencies, saving costs and reducing the risk of downtime for our clients.”

Hevasure is a real-time condition monitoring system that takes readings 24/7 to ensure the safe and efficient running of HVAC systems relying on water, protecting expensive assets and reducing the risk of corrosion and system failure.