Hevasure and Guardian explain the benefits of monitoring at the Facilities Event

Hevasure and Guardian explain the benefits of monitoring at the Facilities Event

Our very own Steve Munn will be speaking alongside Steven Booth, MD for Hevasure’s certified partner, Guardian Water Treatment, at the Facilities Event. Taking place from the 9th-11th April at the NEC in Birmingham, the exhibition and seminar conference is a key meeting place for the FM and workplace industry.

This year’s event is focusing on providing essential knowledge, information and inspiration for the betterment of the FM community.

Hevasure and Guardian will take to the stage on Wednesday 10th April from 11.30 – 12, hosting a seminar entitled Water system monitoring – don’t let other people’s mistakes become your problem:

FMs are often at the mercy of sampling and consultants when it comes to understanding the condition of water systems under their responsibility. By using 24/7 remote monitoring, FMs can have a direct and continuous picture of condition, allowing them to react quickly to any changes in order to prevent corrosion, off-plan call outs, downtime and dilapidation, offering considerable savings - around £300k in one example. Crucially, this approach dramatically reduces the risk of being left with unchecked issues at handover, the point at which a system becomes the FM’s problem.

Our seminar will discuss common problems encountered with water systems and why these aren’t always detected before the point of handover. Much of the water treatment industry is still reliant on sampling, which does not always provide a true picture of system condition, leaving FMs potentially in the dark. Sampling represents a snap shot in time, can take weeks for results to return and crucially, the process doesn’t effectively detect dissolved oxygen – the pre-cursor to almost all types of corrosion.

We will explain the benefits of Hevasure’s 24/7 monitoring technology and why tracking a range of parameters, including pressure, pH, inhibitor levels, temperature, corrosion rates and the all-important oxygen is the only way to fully understand system condition.

For FMs, this ultimately means control – results are viewable in real-time on laptops or mobile devices using Hevasure’s fully interactive dashboard, with no need for expensive consultants, allowing small issues to be flagged up and acted upon before they turn into big problems.

The Facilities Event is free to attend, for more information and to register, visit: https://www.facilitiesevents.com/fm-home