Celebrating World FM day!

Celebrating World FM day!

Today (16th May) is World FM Day, which celebrates the importance of the Facilities Management profession. The theme for this year is ‘Enabling Positive Experiences’, highlighting how facilities management plays an integral role in positive customer, client and employee experience in all sectors.

Hevasure plays a crucial part in supporting FM’s, working with certified partner, Guardian Water Treatment, to ensure HVAC water systems are corrosion free, preventing unnecessary repairs and breakdown. Our state-of-the-art monitoring system puts the power firmly back in the hands of FMs, helping them to provide a better service to their customers by delivering real-time, 24/7 information about water system condition, thus reducing the reliance on expensive consultants and sampling.

Importantly, monitoring in this way means issues are identified before they become problems, dramatically reducing the risk of downtime, which can be so damaging to an organisation; particularly sensitive infrastructure businesses such as data centres.

Real-time monitoring in action Last year, Hevasure was used to monitor conditions at The Wellcome Trust in London, a global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health by supporting science, the humanities, education, public engagement and the application of research into medicine, looked after by Optimum Group Services.

Hevasure’s monitoring system has been installed since February 2017. In addition to variables in base levels caused by planned maintenance, the unit also picked up anomalies, such as fluctuations in oxygen and pressure, which identified simple repairs that may have led to greater problems and potentially costly work if left unchecked. Traditional sampling would not have identified these changes in condition.

Chart showing DO levels

Pressure levels

Problem prevention By having a proper understanding of the actual condition of a water system at any given point in time, potential issues can be caught before they become real problems, allowing water systems to be managed in a proactive, preventative and ultimately more cost-effective way. In addition, continuous monitoring reduces the need for sampling, which can be inaccurate and long winded – Hevasure’s data is instantaneous.

FMs have an extremely important role to play in keeping our buildings operational and efficient. When it comes to water systems, Hevasure is challenging the status quo in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of processes which have remained unchanged for many years. Real-time monitoring should be the future for every aspect of a building, helping FMs do a better job, while reducing risk and therefore improving customer satisfaction overall.

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